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 Before requesting stks - sticky?-

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zombpiv :D
I'm on FIRE
I'm on FIRE
zombpiv :D

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PostSubject: Before requesting stks - sticky?-   Thu Feb 21, 2008 4:51 pm this - zomb
Stick Figures Request thanx furbix

If you're needing any stks,before requesting:

Try yourself! At least you dont need to give any credits,and you might get some "respect" making your sticks yourself.

IF you suck at stickmaking,read Masterfurbix's ultimate stickmaking tutorial, which is found HERE

IF you dont understand english so well, or you didn't learn anything new, go check the main sites stick download section, which is found HERE

IF the sticks you are looking for aren't found from droidz (which is improbable), go request sticks you are needing from stick shops.

IF anyone from shop wont answer your request,make your own topic where you request for stick.Remember that mostly people dont want to give their stick figures/make new stks for members which have like 10 posts.

Be active for some time,make non-spam posts and dont be a jerk.Just speak clearly and be active and give credits,you probably should get your sticks.

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PostSubject: Re: Before requesting stks - sticky?-   Sat Feb 23, 2008 4:57 pm

lol even tho zb got banned, this is a good suggestion.


icehawk wrote:
I so own.
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Before requesting stks - sticky?-
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